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My name is Mick Romeril. I am a Sergeant of Police in charge of Dromana Police Station where I have been for over 15 years. I have been a member of the Police Force for more than 30 years.

We are here for a reason and a very good reason. We are hoping to save a life or two amongst you and we hope you take us seriously. We are not being paid any extra for this. We are here because we want to be here. We are real people with real feelings. We speak from experience.

Yes we are here to shock you and open your eyes a little. What you will hear and see is real.

I speak to you both as a member of the Police Force and also as the father of two girls. One is 19 (driving for one year) and the other is 21 and has being driving for 3 years. I therefore speak from both sides of the fence. I have an interest in young people such as yourselves.

car crashed
car crashed

One in every four people this year in our community will be affected by road trauma – either directly or indirectly. A friend or family member of yours with either be killed or injured in a car accident this year. Scary stuff! Some of you may already have experienced that.

I have over the years attended many car accidents involving injury and death. A lot of those have involved young people who have had little experience in driving. A lot of these accidents could have been avoided. They may have been caused through excessive speed, carelessness, impatience, inexperience, aggression, alcohol and something we are hearing more about these days – ‘road rage’. Some accidents involve all of these factors.

I would like you to think to yourself

How would I feel…

  • If I was involved?
  • If I had caused that accident?
  • If it was me stuck behind that crumpled dash with emergency workers trying to free me from the wreck?
  • Sitting there covered in blood next to my best friend who isn’t moving, who doesn’t answer me when I call out – “are you alright mate?"
  • Back in hospital being told I have killed my best friend or my brother or sister?
  • When they tell me I will never walk again?
  • Being charged with a serious offence?
  • Going to court?
  • When the judge says – “Guilty of culpable driving – sentenced to 10 years imprisonment!"
  • Not seeing my parents, brothers or sisters or my best friend?
  • Knowing I have wrecked the lives of my family and friends?
  • If my parents were woken by a Police Officer in the middle of the night and told you are dead – killed in a road accident – can you come to the mortuary and identify your son or daughter?

When I have to tell them that, I feel like crying with them – sometimes I do!

Think about it – did…

  • I have to speed?
  • I have to show off?
  • I really have to get past that car?
  • I have to race that car from the lights?
  • I have to prove my car was faster?
  • I have to beat that red light?
  • I need that last drink?
  • It really matter being a bit late?

I do have to…

  • Be responsible
  • Obey the road rules
  • Stay sober
  • Be responsible toward my family
  • Be responsible toward my friends and passengers
  • Be responsible to myself
  • Stay alive

I want to be able to live life ~ be free ~ be able to walk and run and have fun.

I owe it to myself and everyone else that matters in my life!
I do have the choice!


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