Who we are

Teenagers Road Accident Group (TRAG) has been providing road trauma presentations to Secondary Schools on and around the Mornington Peninsula and South East Melbourne since 1999

TRAG is widely acknowledged as an integral part of the local resources to reduce incidences of road trauma in the 15-25 age group, the most vulnerable age group in our community. Our presenters are a combination of Emergency Services

  • Victoria Police
  • CFA
  • Ambulance Victoria
  • SES
  • Victims of road trauma and family members who have lost loved ones through road trauma.

All of our presenters volunteer their time and their personal stories in the hope of reducing the number of young people killed or injured through road trauma in our community.

students listening the trag presentation

What we do

Our team conducts presentations at venues that have been made available at no cost, centrally located to the majority of schools we service, have large audience capacity, as well as good access. All costs associated with the presentations are covered by generous community donations.

Topics covered in the presentations:

  • The impact of road trauma – on yourself and others
  • The aspects of life that can be affected by road trauma
  • Safe driving practices and decision making
  • A focus on making good choices and the message Drive4Life

We have spoken to more than 100,000 Year 10, 11, and 12 secondary school students across the Mornington Peninsula and South East Melbourne over the past 19 years, in face to face presentations as they embark on their driving careers. This is nearly a complete generation of the community. Many are now parents and are keeping their children and families safer through the knowledge they have gained by attending these presentations.

Our message is important and we believe that if it saves just one life of a student who attends, it will have been worth it. We hope that you feel the same way and will ensure that your students attend one of our sessions.

How to make a booking

2023 TRAG Presentations will be held at:

  • The Peninsula Baptist Church Auditorium, Mt Martha

    Tuesday 6th June

The presentations run for approximately 1.5 hours. Available dates and times are on our booking form.

For further information please feel free to contact Jonelle Colabufalo at or 0481 308 724.


VIC Police Officers

Senior Constable Grant Watkins
Grant is a Victorian Police Officer stationed at Rosebud in Victoria.
Leah Widebank
Pround Victorian Police Officer

Ambulance Officers

Naomi McMaster
Naomi has been an Ambulance paramedic for the past 10 years. She lives and works on the Mornington Peninsula. She has seen, been to and has known family and friends...
Tim Nolan
Tim Nolan has been an Ambulance Paramedic with the Metropolitan Ambulance Service, Melbourne for over 15 years. His story comes from very real experience.

CFA Firefighters

Rowanne Wakefield-Payne
As a long time serving member of Dromana Fire Brigade (CFA–RAR) Rowanne attends Road Crashes as a Rescue Operator and has attended many horrible incidences on the Mornington Peninsula.


Priscilla Grimme
I have been a volunteer with the Frankston SES for the past 23 years

Victims & Family

Danielle Haggerty
Seven years ago Danielle lost 'the best big brother you could ever ask for.' Here she reminds drivers to 'think before ...
Priscilla Grimme
I have been a volunteer with the Frankston SES for the past 23 years
Kelly House
Kelly's 17 year old sister Stacey died as a passenger in a car which struck a tree. It’s 10:45pm, Friday 23rd February 2001...
Jonelle Colabufalo
Jonelle's brother Jared was a victim of road trauma when he was only 7 years old. He was a speaker for TRAG before a road accident ended his life in 2013.
Skye Noble
Skye's brother Tim was tragically killed in a car crash.
Lisa's Story
A carton of beer… a P plate driver… excessive speed and a bit of showing off on a dark back road… a recipe for disaster.
Sam Howe
After a night out at a Frankston pub, Sam Howe hitched a ride home. What Happened next you would not believe...
Slade Shaw
A car had hit the passenger side of the car Slade's daughter Tyler was travelling in.
Michael King
Michael was critically injured in a car crash in 1986, his brother and a friend died in the same crash.
Terry House
Terry's young 17yr old daughter Stacey was killed when the car in which she was a passenger crashed into a tree.
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