Teenagers Road Accident Group

A combined Community and Emergency Services initiative

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    We have developed an innovative program aimed at highlighting the awareness of young people to the dangers of modern driving.

    Our group consists of CFA members, Ambulance and Police Officers, and those who have  first hand experience with road trauma.

    Our goal is to raise the awareness of young adults as to their responsibilities when they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

    Book our presentation for your school or organisation today! And help spread the message of road safety among young adults.

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    TRAG P Plates

    TRAG have produced a Red Message P Plate which is available from Vicroads at Dromana and Frankston, at all of our presentations, and is given free of charge to newly licensed drivers in the hope to keep them safe for their first year of driving, the most dangerous for them, by reminding them of the “Drive 4 Life” motto of the presentation. On the back of each P Plate is an image of ‘Stacey’s tree’. The tree which killed young Stacey House when the car that she was a passenger in slammed into it, ending her young life. Whilst the TRAG Presentation has a great impact on those students who attend, their lives are busy and they have a lot of information to absorb in their lives. TRAG produced the Red Message P Plate so that when these young drivers get into their car, there is a reminder of TRAG’s message each time they look into their rear-view mirror/side mirror or across at the  passenger side of their windscreen and see our P Plate and the image.

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