Marion Wald

Danielle Haggerty

The majority of these accidents we attend are avoidable.

My name is Marion Wald and I live in Dromana – I am a Mother of 5 or is it 4? I would like to tell you something about my son Mark, who had just got back on his feet after battling a long illness and was on top of the world.

He spent the weekend going to see his girlfriend and looking for work, by Sunday he had found a job apple picking, you see Mark loved the outdoors and felt happy to work outside. It was Monday morning 11th March 1991, a public holiday and Mark was to start his job as an apple picker. It was raining and I drove him to work that day. He came home very tired and went to bed early, I remember telling him that if it was too much maybe he should stay home the next day, and he said he might.


But the next morning he got up and as always he bought me a cup of tea, I was still in bed, I said I would get up and take him to work, but he said no Mum I want to get fit and ride my bike, when he was ready to go he came in and kissed me good by and said I love you mum and of he went, about 20 minutes later I heard an ambulance, but never thought anything of it, I got up went to pick up my granddaughter for the day. I got home about 1 hour later and put her in the bath.

I heard a car pull up out the front, When I looked it was a police car, and my daughter was in the back crying, I thought she had had an accident, but it’s ok, she is alright, The police had been to my house first but I was out picking up my grand daughter so they went to get my daughter first.

Mick and Elvin our local Police were with her, they came up to me and I asked what’s wrong. They said Mark has been killed in an accident, I said that is not right he left just after 7. Mick said he knows and then he gave me Marks wallet, I just can’t explain how I felt … DISBELIEF – NUMB – NOT REAL!

It was the worst day of our family’s life, not to be able to see Mark again and that he had been killed just five minutes from home. He was riding his bike on the edge of the road, wearing his helmet, and doing everything right!

A lady who had a little girl in the back seat hit him from behind, she said she could not see because the sun was in her eyes and she was checking the rear vision mirror at the time she hit Mark and thought she had hit a dog – it was not until she got out of the car did she find his bike and further on she found Mark lying in a ditch on the side of the road.

Mark was thrown 15 feet in the air and landed 130 feet from the point of impact, her car skidded 110 feet from where she first braked, Marks helmet came undone form the force of the impact and he died almost straight away from massive head injuries, it is 11 years ago now and still I don’t understand why, when the conditions were so bad did this lady do 100kph and if she could not see where she was going why did she adjust her rear vision mirror and worry about where she had been – I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND.

One of the hardest things I still find today is trying to answer when some one asks me how many children do you have, Well I don’t know what to say and I stumble and say “5 well no 4." Can you tell me what it is now?

So I beg of you all when the conditions are not good be it sun, rain or fog remember to slow down and live and let others live as well.

Out of Mark’s death, at least 2 people have had a better chance at life as he was an organ donor.

So please take care when you are out on the road!

Remember Drive for Life! And God bless you all – Thank you.

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